Hotels all have similar procedures for booking rooms. The actual systems may vary considerably but usually there are set pieces of information they require.

1) One of these is a credit card for booking. That is not to say you cannot book without one but hotels often see it as the standard way to book a room.

2) Not being in their loyalty scheme sometimes can be a mistake as they might offer free wi-fi, parking or other incentives

3) When you are booking at a hotel chain the details of the booking should be read carefully. Mistakes can happen when the chain might have half a dozen hotels in one location and the name of the hotel is the same but appended by the area.

4) Automatically expecting the best room in the hotel. This can be very disappointing for regular visitors, they may know the manager and staff and have a usual room they take, however these are not guaranteed rooms but subject to booking strengths on a day by day basis.

5) Arrival and departure bookings are essential. It is always wise to check these dates in case of error.

That’s our five common mistakes to watch out for but also you should be aware of bookings which totally or at a particular time or date become non refundable, comparing pricing and the time of year or a special occasion date as prices will rise or drop accordingly.

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